Payment information

Bank transfer or wire transfer

You can make this payment through any bank from any country.

After submitting your purchase and hitting the “Place order” button you will receive our order confirmation email with a digital invoice attached. Please transfer the full amount of money to our bank account. We will begin the fulfillment of the order as soon as we receive notification of payment for the order. In order to speed up the process, you can let us know by email at, that you completed the money transfer with the statement of successful payment.

Please note that you have to put your order number in the “Explanation/comment” column when you are making a purchase.

Our bank info:
Bank: SEB Pank As
Receiver name: Diamant Grupp OÜ
IBAN: EE531010220271387225
Company Registration Code: 10633448
Explanation: “Order number

Visa and Mastercard

Payment by Visa or Mastercard is available for European countries. Please make an order and check if this payment is available for your country.

Also, payment by card is available in all our physical Roba stores.


Pay in cash for your order only upon receipt of the goods in one of our stores.


Roba shops one of the member of the Global Blue Tax-Free program.

Global Blue Tax-Free is a system of returning the amount of value-added tax (VAT). VAT is returned on purchases made by foreigners upon departure from the country in which they were purchased.

In Estonia, Tax-Free registration starts from 38 EUR.

After purchase, you can request to fill up the special paper in of Roba shops.