When you are going to return ordered from us goods to one of our shops, it is necessary to submit all the documents attached by the manufacturer of that good, and a document which confirms the purchase of the product (invoice).

Attention! The customer is responsible for the returned goods until they arrive at our warehouse. Please, ensure that the goods are properly packed and the risk that the product may be damaged during transport is excluded.

NB! When you are going to return a product to one of our shops, you have to include: the original package and all equipment, documents which were included in the original package.

Terms of warranty service:

Within 14–21 days from the day the goods were handed over to the point of issue: Tartu põik 2g, Jõhvi, or within 45 days if you need a part for warranty repair that you will need to wait from abroad.

In all cases, we strive to provide warranty service as soon as possible.

The warranty does not apply to:

  • Damage resulting from the fact that the goods were not used in accordance with the instructions for use, the conditions for storage and transportation of the goods were not met, or the goods were not installed as specified in the instructions;
  • damage caused by the client;
  • the goods are damaged mechanically or otherwise, disassembled;
  • there are damages caused by natural disaster, lightning, fire, flood, etc .;
  • damage resulting from the entry of objects, liquids, insects, dust, etc .;
  • damage associated with the use of non-original products or not certified by the manufacturer for use with these products;
  • the warranty seal of the goods, the serial number was damaged, signs of interference with the goods and violation of instructions were found;
  • programs and software, including pre-installed software, as well as problems caused by software;
  • damage caused by the use of pirated or inappropriate software in a computer or cell phone;
  • Damage due to the fact that the goods were used for other purposes or household appliances were used for professional purposes;
  • damage to batteries, batteries, connecting wires, bags of vacuum cleaners and brushes, light bulbs, fuses and other components that are included in the product package and naturally wear during operation;
  • damage caused by changes in the technical data of the goods in connection with the maintenance of the goods in non-certified representative offices;
  • if the buyer does not submit a document confirming the purchase of this product (which is also a warranty card for the product), as well as all documents attached to the product by the manufacturer;
  • defects and damages that have arisen in connection with the use, together with this, of goods, accessories and components not provided for by the manufacturer.

According to the provisions of VÕS § 53 part 4 of page 3, the goods collected by special instructions and instructions of the buyer, presented at registration of the goods, the right to refuse goods, does not apply, and quality goods are not refundable. Information on whether a particular product is a limitation mentioned in this paragraph is given in the product description of

Roba reminds:

  • the information stored on information carriers is not covered by the warranty;
  • expenses related to lose or restoration of data are non-refundable;
  • for laptop batteries, due to their normal wear and tear, the warranty is valid for a period of 6 to 12 months, depending on the manufacturer.

More detailed information related to the warranty service of goods can be found on the website in the Terms & Conditions.

Roba is not responsible for the information provided on the manufacturer’s website.